BigBlueButton Multi User Whiteboard

BigBlueButton: No. 1 Interactive Virtual Classroom Platform

What is BigBlueButton?

BigBlueButton is an open-source web conferencing system. It comes up with many rich features allowing users to host virtual classes/webinars or conferences. The features like multi-user whiteboard, digital notes, interactive polls makes it highly interactive compare to the other solutions available out there like zoom or skype.

A virtual classroom with BBB looks like below:

BigBlueButton Frontend


BigBlueButton can be easily integrated with Moodle, WordPress, Drupal, and many more. It also comes with a frontend GreenLight. Want to check a full demo which can be branded as well  – A full BigBlueButton Demo with Greenlight 

Getting Started with BigBlueButton

Installing BigBlueButton May based on hosting you are using or the Server infrastructure you are using. BBB provides a really simple and quick way through the ubuntu shell script here.

You can also try the Demo version from ValarDigital here. if you are looking for a fully hosted version for yourself, You can look at Valar Digital BigBlueButton Hosting & Support.

Interactive Learning Features

  1. Break Out Rooms – Breakout Rooms allows a host to further divide the participants into subgroups or split sessions. Allowing them to interact.  A moderator or presentation can split a session into breakout rooms allowing them to engage with each other to solve a problem.
  2. Polling – A moderator can ask questions to the users and these answers can be published on the whiteboard allowing everyone to see the response
  3.  Multi-User WhiteBoard – One of my favorite features, this allows teachers to let the student write down something on a whiteboard or ask them to solve a query.
  4. Shared Notes – The instructor can write down notes during the session, which are shared with all the student joining the session in real-time.
  5. Recordings – Sessions can be recorded for later use.
  6. Chats – Public & Private Chats allowing users to send messages or send private messages.
  7. Screen Sharing – Teachers can share their device screen allowing everyone to follow.
  8. Uploading Presentation/PDF – Whiteboard can have a  presentation or PDF uploaded, also allowing them to teach through the slides.

BigBlueButton Multi User Whiteboard

BigBlueButton Integrations

BigBlueButton Moodle Integration – A modular learning management system integrates really well with BigBlueButton, You can use The BBB plugin from moodle’s official repository. Once installed you would need to provide the BBB server URL and the BBB secret and you can start using BBB as an activity inside any course.

Moodle integration with BBB

BigBlueButton WordPress Integration – The lightweight open source management system also comes with a BigBlueButton plugin to enable you to host webinars, The webinars are hosted on your BBB server hence your WordPress site will stay intact performance-wise.

You can find the official WordPress BigBlueButton plugin here.

BigBlueButton With Greenlight as Frontend –  Greenlight is easy to use frontend for creating BBB meetings, inviting others, and listing recordings. it’s can be easily customized to your favorite branding.

A Greenlight dashboard looks like below:

Greenlight BigBlueButton Frontend


BigBlueButton Support / Help

ValarDigital during this COVID 19 pandemic, we are offering free of cost BBB consultation. Feel free to get in touch with us using the chat option below or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions About BigBlueButton

  • Is BigBlueButton open source?

> Yes! completely free and open for commercial or personal use, it’s under GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0

  • how to install bigbluebutton on ubuntu

>  You can follow our step by step guide Installing BigBlueButton Over Ubuntu 16.04 in 15 Minutes.

  • How to use bigbluebutton in moodle

> You can use the Moodle BigBlueBN module and then simply configure the BBB server to start adding a BigBlueButton Activity.

  • I am looking for commercial support for BigBlueButton

> Sure, we can help. Feel free to Contact Us or Email us at



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