Project Brief:

Find My Facebook ID is a tool helping people to find their Facebook ID from their Facebook URL. The tool later on integrated a few other tools like coin flipping, youtube tools, and much more. The tool receives around 500k hits a month worldwide. Also, they are offering developer API helping developers to integrate this into their products programmatically.

Our role was to work on their traffic growth, During this period we were able to almost double their traffic using a few really simple techniques, we also reduced their bounce rate and increased the all over session time resulting in the double adverts revenue. The tool is now getting double hits now and ranking for many more keywords.

We worked on their On-Site SEO to fix all the basic SEO stuff to making the workflow really simple to use and effective. We worked on text copies to target the right keywords and improve all over the traffic

  • Meta Tags Improments
  • Better Workflow
  • Keyword Research
  • Text Copies
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Event Tracking
  • Decrease Bounce rate
  • On Site SEO
  • Optimised Content
  • Speed Score
  • Social Shares
  • Advert Optimisation

Step 01

Improving On Site SEO Score

The 3 second rule is really important, if you plan to get a lot of traffic, we worked on client’s on Site SEO score to improve it to 99 and making sure it loads under a second, cosidering a good real time traffic. We worked on other on Site SEO like meta tags, missing image alt tags, text copies, keyword density and many more.

Find My Facebook Id Keyword Research

Step 02

Keyword Research

it is important to diversify the right keywords and target the easy to rank keywords to increase the all over traffic in the short right. We did the keyword research to work on a set of keywords to start writing the text copies to start ranking for them.


Step 03

Measuring Results & Optimising

We started looking at events to figure out what else can be done to improve the experience, decrease the bounce rate, how the site can be more valuable compare to the competitors out there? How the instructions can be intuitive? 

Find My Facebook ID Traffic Growth v2

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