Developing Customer Centric Solutions: We Build a Product Customization App for HANX

Hanx is a UK-based brand that creates vegan-friendly and cruelty-free condoms. Hanx's mission is to provide high-quality and sustainable intimate products that are better for people and the planet.Hanx approached us to develop a custom Shopify app for their online store and improve the cart development on their website.

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Client's Challenge

Before our involvement, Hanx was using a third-party app for their online store. However, the app did not meet Hanx's requirements, and they wanted a custom solution to cater to their unique needs. Additionally, the cart development on their website needed improvements to optimize the checkout experience for customers.

Our Solution

Our team collaborated with Hanx to understand their requirements and develop a custom Shopify app that met their needs. The app allowed Hanx to manage their inventory and orders efficiently and also offered a personalized checkout experience for customers.

To enhance the cart development on the website,Our team implemented several features, such as an auto-updating cart, a custom shipping calculator, and a streamlined checkout process. The team also optimized the website's speed and performance to improve the overall user experience.

The Results

With Our custom Shopify app development, Hanx was able to streamline their order and inventory management processes, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity. The personalized checkout experience improved customer satisfaction, leading to higher conversion rates and increased revenue.

The improved cart development on the website also resulted in a better user experience, reducing cart abandonment rates and increasing the average order value. The optimized website speed and performance further improved the overall user experience and reduced bounce rates.


Our custom Shopify app development and cart development solutions helped Hanx improve their online store's functionality, resulting in increased efficiency, customer satisfaction, and revenue. The improved user experience also contributed to a better brand image and increased customer loyalty.