• Category :Web Development / Lead Acquisition
  • Date :25 June, 2018
  • Client :FleetSpeak

Project Brief:

FleetSpeak team wanted to bring quality leads in their niche. they were spending a lot of money on Engagement ads, Traffic ads and Video views. But they weren’t converting well. Of-course the email popup wont work, its 21th century and one need to act smart to capture leads.

We suggested building interactive content around their niche to gain more leads whilst spending less advertising money. We launched Quizzes and started running traffic ads. The engagement was good, We were getting leads ( following GPDR policies ), The leads acquisition cost was much lower and lead quality was good ( based on email opening rate )

Of course this wasn’t the only thing, Making sure we are targeting right audience, the right place consumers spend their time on, Optimised Funnel and Measuring events and then improving the overall conversion was the key.

  • Optimized Funnel
  • Converting UX
  • Analytics Events Tracking
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Lead Acquisition
  • Qualified Leads
  • Lead Education
  • Less Advertising Cost
  • Interactive Content
  • Capturing Lead Details
  • Sharable Content
  • Sponsored Content

Step 01

Finding Out Right Place

It’s important to find out where your audience stays and if they are quality leads. Terms like flex targeting plays an important role, you need to make sure you are warming up right leads over right platform. For example if you selling things which needs more buying intent Google Adwords may work better than Facebook Advertisement for you.


Step 02

Building a Funnel that converts well

Building a converting funnel is important and that’s what we did with FleetSpeak. We came up with Quizzes because they are highly engaging and converts really well. The funnel needs to improved based on user journey based on events you track from each and every click and further optimising the workflow.


Step 03

Measuring Results & Optimising

We started iterating the existing funnel to get most out of the advert spendings and We were able to get leads for few cents lowering from £2 per lead to £0.10 per lead considering the money we were making from the sponsored content and Newsletters. We knew the formula, hence we started replicating for other region websites. 

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