Revamping Nutriburst Vitamin's website boosted the conversion

Nutriburst Vitamins is a leading provider of high-quality vitamins and supplements that promote a healthy lifestyle. Founded in 2018, the company offers a range of vitamins, minerals, and other dietary supplements to help people achieve optimal health and wellbeing. They approached us to optimize their outdated website, which lacked clear calls-to-action, had a confusing navigation, and was not mobile-friendly.

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Client's Challenge

The existing website was outdated and not optimized for conversions, leading to lost potential customers and revenue. They wanted to improve their website design and user experience to increase conversions.

Our Solution

We conducted a thorough analysis of the website, identified key areas for improvement, and developed a plan that included redesigning 70% of the website with a focus on creating a user-friendly and mobile-responsive design.

We conducted comprehensive quality assurance checks to resolve any technical issues that could impact user experience. We implemented a conversion rate optimization plan that included rebuy cart and Okendo integration to improve the website's social proof and increase the average order value. We also conducted A/B testing to identify the best-performing design and content.

The Results

The changes made by us resulted in significant improvements in the website's performance. The website became more user-friendly and mobile-responsive, leading to increased engagement and conversions. The rebuy cart and Okendo integration features contributed to an increase in the average order value and improved social proof. The collaboration between us and Nutriburst Vitamins resulted in a successful website redesign and optimization for conversions.

  • A 30% increase in website traffic
  • A 20% increase in average order value
  • Conversion rate incresed from 0.75% to 2%
  • A 30% increase in customer engagement

Overall, our partnership with Nutriburst Vitamins was a great success, and we are proud to have helped this innovative brand achieve its goals. By combining cutting-edge design and development techniques with a deep understanding of the latest marketing trends, we were able to deliver a solution that exceeded our client's expectations and helped them take their business to the next level.