Purdy & Figg's Journey From High Bounce Rates to Higher Conversions

Purdy & Figg is a UK-based company that offers a range of high-quality, sustainable cleaning products made with natural ingredients. They were looking to improve its website's performance and reduce its high bounce rate.

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Client's Problem Statement

Purdy & Figg's website was experiencing a high bounce rate, indicating that visitors were leaving the site without making a purchase or taking any other desired action. They wanted to create a conversion-ready theme to increase its conversion rate and improve overall website performance.

Our Approach

To address Purdy & Figg's problem, we worked with them to develop a Shopify theme that would be optimized for conversions. The team analyzed analytics data to identify areas of the site that were underperforming, and focused on optimizing landing pages to increase conversions.

The team also conducted A/B testing on every feature decision to ensure that only the most effective design elements were used on the site. By analyzing data from these tests, We was able to make data-driven decisions that led to a significant increase in conversions.

To further improve conversion rates, the team also tested different variations of the shopping cart page using A/B testing. By implementing the most effective design, Purdy & Figg was able to achieve an extra 1.5% conversion rate for every 1000 sessions.

The Results

Through the implementation of the new Shopify theme and optimization of the landing pages, Purdy & Figg's conversion rate increased from 2.5% to 5%, reduction in bounce rate and an overall improvement in website performance. This resulted in a significant increase in sales and revenue for the company.


By working with us, Purdy & Figg was able to create a conversion-ready theme and optimize its website, resulting in a measurable improvement in website performance and achieving its business objectives.