The #1 Learning Management System for you!

Whether you are an academy, Educational Institute, Sole Instructor, or a music teacher, In the time of pandemic like Covind-19, It’s important to digitalize your business.

We will help you get started for free of cost. The Learning Management system comes up with the following basic features.

  • A Virtual Class Room including interactive multiuser whiteboard
  • Real time discussion with students
  • Works on Every Device
  • Assessments, Quizzes, Grades
  • Unlimited Courses
  • 100% secure, Managed in cloud

From your own Virtual Classroom to Unlimited Courses, you can get your own training platform running in just a few minutes.

Virtual Class Room

Virtual Classroom based on Big Blue button comes with a whiteboard to help you teach students, While you can ask questions or chat with the students as well

Unlimited Courses, Activities, Grades

You can create as many courses as you want. Each courses can have activities like Quizzes ( 15+ types ), Assessments, Notes and more.

Secure & Accessibility

The platform is cloud application runs over any device from Desktop to Mobile application. It's completely secure, Hence you can run your paid courses without worrying about getting these copied or stolen.

Scalable Virtual Classroom

The platform integrates with BigBlueButton, which is a really popular scalable Virtual Classroom platform. You can interact with your student through a whiteboard or a digital presentation, Teachers can shares notes and questions can be asked during the session. You can also record the session for the students who missed the class.




Your Own Digital Learning Platform

Everything is stored in the cloud and accessible over desktop, phone, or tablet. You can now reach out to your every potential student enabling them to study online with your super interactive content

The Learning management system can also be used by parents to track student grades, course progress. Student can access themselves using the numerous types of interactive assesments available.

Comes with lots of other features like unlimited courses, activities, resources, grades, certificates, quizzes, social login etc

Your premium content is 100% secure and backed up every day. so you can just focus on teaching 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pricing?

We offer a full trial of 3 days, The initial setup cost would be £399 and then recurring support/maintenance charges which is optional, Hosting and domain needs to be provided by you.

Can I see a Demo?

yes, Check the demo here You can login with details:
Student Login -
username - student
password - [email protected]

Teacher Login -
username - teacher
password - teacher

What Features are included?

The setup includes a Moodle setup, including all basic features like unlimited courses, activities, grades, quizzes, wikis, assignments, and much more. Also, the virtual classes powered by Big Blue Button.

Is there a restriction on the number of courses I can create?

Absolutely not, You can create unlimited courses.

Is there any trial period offer?

yes, we offer 3 days trial.

What is Virtual Classroom?

Virtual Classroom is a plugin powered by Big Blue Button, Offering virtual teaching including features like a whiteboard, real-time discussion, polls, presentations, and much more. 

I have a pre-sale question? Where to contact?

You can email us at [email protected]
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