Shopify Plans: How Much Does Shopify Cost in 2023?

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You’re a store merchant and want to choose Shopify as your official e-commerce platform for your business but don’t know how much Shopify costs or a Shopify fee per sale. We at ValarDigital have curated a perfect guide on how much does Shopify cost in 2023!


Don’t know what Shopify is? It’s okay. You’re in good hands!


Shopify is an e-commerce platform to help you set up your online business to sell products you or your clients made. Now, let’s head back to the plans.


Shopify subscription plans are designed on a level basis, meaning you can select whichever you feel is perfect for your business. You don’t need to dive too deep into choosing a plan for the long term; as your business grows over time, you can easily switch to the next Shopify price plan accordingly.


From Shopify Basic to Shopify Plus, you can now buy plans as per the newly adjusted price levels in 2023. After considering all the innovations and advancements on the platform through 12 years in the market, the price change has happened for good.


Here’s a complete guide on choosing the best Shopify fee per sale, and if you’re new in the business, you can read this guide in the period of growth and understand which plans and recommendations work.


Shopify Pricing Breakdown

Here’s a quick price breakdown for every Shopify plan below:



Shopify Starter Plan


Shopify Basic Plan

$39/mo+2.6% & 30¢ per transaction

Shopify Advance Plan

$399/mo+2.4% & 30¢ per transaction

Shopify Plus Plan

$2000/mo + 2.15% per transaction



Shopify Plans Compared: How Much Does Shopify Cost?

Before diving in, it’s worth knowing that Shopify has three different plans for its merchants (excluding the free trial option).


Tip: If you select a Shopify plan on a yearly basis, you can be offered a generous discount. To opt for this plan, you must make the whole year’s payment once while checking out.


As per the newly increased price plans for 2023, we recommend you pay a year in advance, if possible, to lower the monthly costs by 25% for the Basic, Shopify & Advance Shopify plans.

Here are three respective Shopify plans:

  1. Basic Shopify Plan for $39/mo: This is the cheapest Shopify plan in the market. You can cover all of your basic needs for your online business, such as two staff collaborations, unlimited products with day & night support, blog, and sales with a FREE SSL certificate, abandoned cart recovery, order creation made manually, and discount coupon codes.
  2. Shopify Plan for $105/mo: This is a standard one with additional options. It consists of all the services offered in the Basic package, but you can get additional 5 staff account support, including gift cards and professional reports.
  3. Advance Plan for $399/m: This is the most expensive Shopify plan you can get, with 15 accessible staff accounts. In this plan, everything is covered by the former Shopify plan, including third-party shipping rates and an advanced report builder.


Each Shopify plan comes with a consecutive payment term. For example,


Online Credit Card Rates in %

In-Person Credit Card Rates in %

2.2% + 30¢ for Shopify Basic

2.7% for Shopify Basic

2.6% + 30¢ for Shopify

2.4% for Shopify

2.4% + 30¢ for Shopify Advance

3.4% for Shopify Advance


Note: Payment providers charge an additional fee of 2% for Basic, 1% for Shopify & 0.5% for an Advance plan.


Shopify Starter Plan: Integrate Shopping Without a Store


The Shopify Starter plan is specifically designed for social media marketers with a price tag of $5/mo. If you’re a small-scale business, you can sell products on social media with features like credit card payments integration and Buy buttons without needing a dedicated online store.


You can simply install Buy buttons on your existing platforms, such as your website, blog site, or personal podcasting platforms.


The latest feature of the Shopify Starter plan is making your Facebook Messenger your personal customer chatbox where you can chat with your customers and solve product-related queries. Platforms include Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and much more.


Should I Buy the Shopify Starter Plan?

In simple terms, if you already have a blog or any personal information website and want to integrate a buying option customer support, the Shopify Starter plan is right for you! For instance: You can use the Shopify Starter plan on your WordPress website.


You cannot use this plan if you don’t have a fully configured website with hosting, including your domain and services.


Shopify Basic Plan: Upload Unlimited Products with Discount Codes


The Shopify Basic plan is a perfect way to choose if you want to integrate a discount code engine. Not only that but you are also provided with Fraud Analysis tools and an unlimited number of product upload capabilities.


If you compare Shopify Lite vs Basic, selecting the Shopify Basic plan will land you your personal, fully functional website with a blog page. All the products and services will be managed through Shopify, so you don’t need an additional website for integration.


Shopify Basic Plan offers more features: unlimited storage, 24/7 user support, shipping labels, SSL certificate, and manual order creation.


With the ability to scale and manage your Shopify store, the Basic plan is set for $32/mo plus 2.9% & 30¢/transaction.


Should I Buy the Shopify Basic Plan?

The Shopify Basic plan is a perfect way to start if you don’t have a website to pair with the Shopify Starter plan. This plan works perfectly if you want a functional and dedicated online store with a beautiful user interface.


The Shopify Plan: Recover Abandoned Carts and Shopify POS

The Shopify Plan has everything offered in the Shopify Basic plan, including abandoned cart recovery, in addition to gaining access to Shopify POS, Abandoned Cart Recovery Analytic Reports, and Gift Cards.


With the aforementioned features, the Shopify Plan is set for $105/mo plus 2.6% & 30¢/transaction. It’s a next-level update from the basic plan, yet it has become the most popular Shopify plan.


Tools such as Abandoned Cart Recovery are one of the main reasons people chose this plan. For instance, if the user abandons the cart in the middle of shopping, you can choose to send them a promo code, or an automated mail reminder can be sent within 1 to 24 hour(s) of abandonment.


Should I buy the Shopify Plan?

The Shopify plan works best for you if you’ve already figured out what to do in the next few months to scale your business rapidly. With the unlimited product capacity and storage, knowing how your items will fit into the site is practical. For instance, the Shopify plan is a way to go if your store returns more than $5,000/mo.


Although the transaction fees will drop to a volume when external payment gateways are used, you can still have features like abandoned cart recovery to improve your sales.


Shopify Advance Plan: Scale Rapidly With Everything Unlimited

The Shopify Advance plan is the ultimate subscription you can select to get all the features previous plans offer, plus an advanced report-building tool with a third-party shipping rates calculator.


Although you can still upload unlimited products on the store, your transaction percentage charge will decrease slightly using the external payment gateway.


The ultimate benefit of choosing the Shopify Advance plan is you can get everything unlimited! Stuff like Storage capacity, products upload capability, service availability, and many more can be achieved to increase your traffic and make it to its price tag.


The Shopify Advance plan is set to be at $399/mo, including the 2.4% & 30¢/transaction.


Should I Buy Shopify Advance Plan?

The Shopify Advance plan is perfect if you’re a high-revenue company that wants the shipping process handled by a third party, including insightful reports with tools for testing and optimization.

Shopify Advance is ideal if you bring it over $10,000/mo in revenue, and you can save money with low transaction fees with high Shipping discounts.


Shopify Plus Plan & Pricing

Unlike the order management system plans, Shopify Plus is an enterprise-level resources provider solely focused on your business marketing and design. With a whopping 200 TB of storage space, your site will be fully hosted without incurring transaction fees.


The Shopify Plus plan is set anywhere between $1500 – $2000. Therefore, it’s suggested to contact Shopify for an official quoted price.


Should I buy Shopify Plus Plan?

Shopify Plus is for big companies like Nestle, Hawkers, or Budweiser. If you think you’ve got a large team base and save time on managing constant orders, Shopify plus is one way to automate that problem.


Top Tip to Save Money on Shopify

We suggest you choose an annual subscription for whichever Shopify plan you choose accordingly. There is a slight discount of 25% on all the monthly prices when paid upfront annually.


What are the Additional Shopify Costs?

Apart from the Shopify App payments, for instance, S Loyalty, that’ll cost around $19.99 – $119.19/mo as per your plan, we recommend you not to use paid apps but rather select ones that’ll pay for themselves.


Other than that, there are no additional Shopify costs beyond the preferred plans offered. Although you can increase your Shopify experience and functionality through many more services.


Questions to Ask Before Selecting A Shopify Plan

Choosing the perfect Shopify plan for your business is not just about your task accomplishments but more about your full-proof plan for your future. Here are some questions you can ask yourself before selecting your Shopify plan:


  1. What is the niche and type of my products? (physical or digital)
  2. How many products do I want to sell, and where?
  3. How big are my employees to choose the Shopify staff access?
  4. What is my monthly revenue?
  5. Are my transactional fees affordable?
  6. Is it really necessary to have advanced marketing tools like analytics?


Although you’ll most possibly start with the Shopify Starter or Basic plan, you can upgrade your options as per your gradual growth, so go ahead and choose whatever plan is necessary and move on to the next stage when needed.



Shopify is the best solution for business owners who are serious about investing in growth. Although Shopify is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms, it’s definitely not the cheapest. We’re not saying Shopify prices are unreasonably high, but it’s better to consider the revenue incurrence if you’re a small business and don’t have the budget to spend on your online store yet.


On the bright side, if you make enough revenue to buy Shopify plans, you certainly want to integrate Shopify Payments to your preferences. You can access a wide range of features by keeping the costs relatively low on this e-commerce platform.


We hope you've gained much more confidence about the different levels of Shopify prices with all the features offered in each tier. You can contact Us anytime for advice about Shopify, Store Design, Development Support, and Marketing Strategies. We're here to help!  🚀



How can I use Shopify for free?

Shopify is not free, but you can benefit from the 3-day free trial plan when you can use and create your own store and initiate it for your customers. Although you cannot sell anything until you buy a subscription.

How much is Shopify?

According to the plans, Shopify pricing varies:

Starter Plan is $5/mo, Basic Plan is $32/mo, Shopify Plan is $92/mo, and the Advance plan is $399/mo. An annual discount can benefit from the subscription as below:

10% off for an annual upfront.

20% off for 2 years subscription.

25% off for 3 years subscription.

What are Shopify Payments?

Shopify Payments Gateway reduces all the additional charges by using third-party gateways on top of your credit card fees.

How much are Shopify transaction fees?

Using Shopify payments incurs a 0% transaction fee. Whereas, using a third-party payment gateway, you’ll be charged 2% for Shopify Basic, 1% on Shopify, and 0.5% on Shopify Advance.

How long are Shopify Plans?

Standard Shopify Plans are month-to-month, although you can also subscribe to annual plans.

Can I change my Shopify plan?

You can upgrade or downgrade your Shopify plan anytime, as per your business.

Which Shopify plan should I choose for my new store?

You can start with the Shopify Basic Plan if your monthly revenue is between $0 – $5000.

You can start with the Shopify Plan if your monthly revenue is between $5,000 – $10,000.

You can opt for Shopify Advance Plan if your monthly revenue exceeds $10,000.

How much staff can work on my Shopify store?

Here’s a staff breakdown for your Shopify store as per the plan:

1. Basic Plan offers 2 staff accounts.

2. Shopify Plan offers 5 staff accounts.

3. Advance Plan offers up to 15 staff accounts.

How many products can I sell on Shopify?

As per any Shopify plan, you can sell unlimited products without any restrictions.

Are there any extra charges for the number of sales or site visits?

Not at all – There are no additional charges or restrictions for the number of sales made through site visits. Therefore, the more, the better!